Born to a ship’s captain and his wife, Shera has been around water most of her life. Her father was gone at least 6 months out of the year on routine voyages. When she was 9 years old, tragedy struck. Her mother received news that her father’s ship had been attacked by a group of pirates and were currently missing.

One week later, he and his crew were found washed up on a beach. Everyone of them had been slain. Heartbroken by the loss, her mother fell ill. Shera’s aunt came to live with them to care for her mother and Shera.

In the meantime, colleagues of her father offered what help they could. At age 10, Shera began weapon training. Her father had taught her the basics, but she wanted to expand on that knowledge. By 16, she had decided to travel and gain experience in the field.

She took up with a band of adventurers who taught her to survive on her own. Once she turned 18, Shera signed on to the Azure Rose as a guardsman with the goal of learning what truly happened in her father’s death.


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